One of drag racing’s most prominent females, Melanie Salemi competed in her second full season of Pro Modified in 2017. Salemi, a dedicated racer since 1996, has molded her life around the sport for which she has so much passion. In 2015, Melanie traded in her Top Dragster for a brand new 1968 Firebird, constructed by her brother-in-law, Jim Salemi, owner of G-Force Race Cars. With support and assistance from her husband, Jon, and her entire family, Salemi has shown impressive results. In her first two full seasons behind the wheel of a Pro Mod, Melanie placed 3rd in championship points in the ultra competitive Pro Boost class of the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA). Melanie became the first female driver to win in the PDRA’s Pro Boost class in 2015 and backed it up in 2017 with another Pro Boost victory. While female drivers are no longer an oddity in the male-dominated sport of drag racing, a woman who is a wife, mother, and business professional is rare.

For the 2018 season, the Melanie Salemi Motorsports team will turn their focus to the NHRA ¼ mile Pro Modified 12 race schedule which will take the team across the USA. Melanie and her team strive to improve on their already impressive personal best performance of 5.71 sec. @ 251 mph in the quarter mile, and 3.72 sec. @ 201 mph in the eighth mile. For more information, please contact

Melanie Salemi Motorsports Inc.

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